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18136 lauren budd 2560x1600 girl wallpaper by ox b

18136 lauren budd 2560x1600 girl wallpaper by ox b Picture Box
Your and hard see if you can stay connected to this deep since rhythmic breathing throughout the rest this video we're going to get into some movement now I’ll by moving your head from side to side lower in one year to your shoulder 0 min to the other side 0 so we're incorporating some movement I’ll I'll just allowing 0 the joints in between your burger bro start to get lubricated 0 starting to feel a gentle stretch on either side I'll can move at your own pace 0 just noticing where it feels good are notice where feels tight I'll and with each movement he may be able to stretch a little bit farther I'll go ahead and bring your right here to your right shoulder and we're going to pause here deepening into the straps reach your right hand up in over to the outside if your head then bring your left hand to your left shoulder I'll gently pull your hands apart I'll creating a little traction and adding tithe stretch low I'll then slowly begin to roll your chin down towards the floor it's almost as if you’re going to sniff your armpit from which of course you wouldn't well then slowly start to turn your chin up towards the sky engines notice how this little movement changes the stretch you feel it in some different places of come all the way back to the right side then slowly come up to sent notice how that left side of your neck feels stretched.


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